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Olivia Wolf, CPC

Practice Administrator

Olivia Wolf, CPCis Practice Administrator for Alaska Hand-Elbow-Shoulder Surgical Specialists, a small group upper extremity practice in Anchorage, Alaska. Olivia began her practice management career in 2007 at an internal medicine practice and transitioned into orthopaedic management in 2013. She has been a Certified Professional Coder through the AAPC since 2004. Wolf serves as a volunteer member-at-large on the AAOE Elections Task Force and currently holds the position of Chair of the AAOE Data Analytics & Benchmarking Council.

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Use Your Benchmarking Data to Get a Raise, Lower Your Overhead, and Inform Physician Compensation

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Diane Hubisz |  Olivia Wolf |  Tara Holicky
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Members of the AAOE Data Analytics & Benchmarking Council will focus on results related to practice administrator compensation, overhead rates, and physician compensation and give you practical steps ...

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