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Jamie Verkamp


As a keynote speaker, breakout leader, facilitator, trainer, and consultant, Jamie Verkamp's passion for people has helped her energize thousands of audience members and become a nationally recognized thought leader in the healthcare industry. Her background in marketing and consumer behavior pairs well with her career-long involvement in the healthcare industry, as she's able to motivate and educate healthcare leaders to understand patient behaviors, their decision making process, what they desire from their patient experience, and what shapes their perceptions.

As Managing Partner and Chief Speaking Officer at (e)Merge, a medical growth consulting firm, Verkamp works shoulder to shoulder with medical professionals in both hospital and clinical settings to improve the patient experience and see measurable growth in clients‘ customer service efforts, referral volumes, and bottom lines. As a sought after speaker and trainer, she is privileged to share her knowledge with audiences at more than 50 events each year speaking on topics related to new marketing initiatives, the patient experience, and healthcare social media. Through her passion for writing, she has also been featured in multiple industry publications including MGMA Connexion, Medical Practice Digest, and the American Medical Association. The 2010 article for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Connexion, titled “The Real Value of Social Media in Healthcare” was awarded the Edward B. Stevens Article of the Year in 2011 by MGMA and the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE).


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