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Use Your Benchmarking Data to Get a Raise, Lower Your Overhead, and Inform Physician Compensation

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Diane Hubisz |  Tara Holicky |  Olivia Wolf
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Members of the AAOE Data Analytics & Benchmarking Council will focus on results related to practice administrator compensation, overhead rates, and physician compensation and give you practical steps that you can use in your practice to improve your practice’s performance. Specifically, the presenters will:

  • Interpret practice-level results in relation to available benchmarks.
  • Identify recommendations and action steps that practices should take based on the results.
  • Provide tools that practice administrators can use to effectively share benchmarking results with physicians.

Plan to attend this webinar to help maximize your return on the time you invested to complete the AAOE Benchmarking Survey.


Diane Hubisz's Profile

Diane Hubisz Related seminars and products: 2

MBA, Practice Administrator

Diane Hubisz, MBA, has been the Practice Administrator at New England Orthopedic Specialists for almost five years.  During that time, the practice has expanded its number of physicians and mid-level providers.  Her accomplishments also include implementing a new PMS/EMR, and revising the physician compensation plan.  She has many years of prior experience in hospital administration and practice management in both community and academic settings.  She recently became a member of the AAOE Data Analytics & Benchmarking Council. 

Tara Holicky's Profile

Tara Holicky Related seminars and products: 2

MBA, Administrator

Tara Holicky, MBA, is the Administrator for Greater Chesapeake Hand to Shoulder and the Lutherville SurgiCenter in the greater Baltimore area of Maryland. The group consists of nine upper extremity only orthopaedic surgeons and one PA. The physicians also work and teach through the Curtis National Hand Center in Baltimore.  Holicky started with the group in February 2017.  Prior to joining GCHS, she worked at Greater Baltimore Medical Center managing the hospital-owned Geriatric, Palliative Medicine, and Hospice physician group for 12 years. She transitioned the group from four physicians to more 50 physicians and nurse practitioners. Prior to that Holicky worked with Sierra Military Health Services, a TriCare contractor on Andrews Air Force Base. She received her MBA from University of Baltimore in 2015, with prior studies in Forensic Anthropology and BioArchaeology.

Olivia Wolf Related seminars and products: 2

CPC, Practice Administrator

Olivia Wolf, CPCis Practice Administrator for Alaska Hand-Elbow-Shoulder Surgical Specialists, a small group upper extremity practice in Anchorage, Alaska. Olivia began her practice management career in 2007 at an internal medicine practice and transitioned into orthopaedic management in 2013. She has been a Certified Professional Coder through the AAPC since 2004. Wolf serves as a volunteer member-at-large on the AAOE Elections Task Force and currently holds the position of Chair of the AAOE Data Analytics & Benchmarking Council.


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