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Terry L. Marquart
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To provide your practice with the information you need regarding the opioid epidemic, AAOE is hosting an Opioid Education Series. Register for the series to gain a better understanding of the entire opioid crisis, why all medical staff need to understand it, how to weed out the legitimate patient from the medication seeker, and how to effectively handle opioid related issues as they arise.


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The Role of the DEA in the Opioid Crisis (1 hour)

During this session, attendees will learn about the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), their authority, problems in prescribing, prescribing laws, and related information. Many physicians who have been cited or in trouble with the DEA over the years have said they were unaware of the role of the DEA in their medical practice. This one-hour webinar will be jam-packed with the information no one has ever told you that is essential for practice administrators and physicians alike to understand. Terry Marquart, former DEA Diversion Investigator, will provide a fresh look at problems in the prescribing arena, the opioid crisis in this country, and of course, how your practice and DEA could interact. Attendees will leave with a toolkit of useful tools to identify problem areas internally in the practice, as well as external issues that could cause the practice civil and criminal problems.


Designer Drugs: Creation, Impact, and How They are Changing Society (1.5 hours)

During this 1.5 hour session, practice managers, front office personnel, and physicians alike will learn about the most common designer drugs plaguing our country, our offices, and our patients. Designer drugs are injuring and killing citizens, with a higher concentration among young people. Designer drugs are constantly changing, and are becoming more addictive and deadly than those previously introduced and that most physicians are aware of. Attendees will also learn about the legal problems with designer drugs, the modifications in production, and other issues which make these new drugs so difficult to stay ahead of.  This session is appropriate for those in all levels of medical offices; including those who do patient intake, practice managers, physicians, PAs, NPs, and nurses. 


From Front Desk Staff to Physicians: How to Interview Patients for Effective Pain Management (1.5 hours)

Do you know how to interview individuals properly for pain management? This 1.5 hour webinar will give attendees the tools to use new interviewing and organizational techniques to lead an effective interview process with patients. This session will also cover why all those who interact with patients should have an interviewing toolbox for effective pain management, such as assessing patient body language, the right (and wrong) questions to ask, and how active listening skills can change the course of an interview. This session is led by a career law enforcement professional who was able to close a large number of cases with a confession due to his interviewing toolbox. 


The Drug Seeker vs. The Legitimate Patient: How to Win the Battle(1 hour)

Understanding pain management issues is often referred to as one of the biggest problems we are facing in medical practices today. The subjective aspects of the issue bring with them assorted problems.   The opioid crisis in our country today is rampant, which is, in turn, creating more legislation which can catch legitimate pain patients in the crosshairs.  This one-hour session will discuss the differences between drug seekers and legitimate patients (and how to recognize them), other non-opioid drug options, and key differences between chronic and acute pain management. This session is imperative for all those working in a medical practice – from the front office to practice managers to medical staff. 

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Terry L. Marquart's Profile

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Terry L. Marquart retired from the Anchorage Police Department in 2000, ending a career spanning 22 years. Terry spent most of his career as a detective working complex financial crimes, forgeries, and fraud-related crimes. He was also a hostage negotiator team leader with over four hundred negotiations completed. During his career he spent four years as member of a joint federal, state and local law enforcement drug task force specializing in asset investigations of large illegal drug enterprises.

Upon retiring from the police department, Terry immediately went to the Drug Enforcement Administration Diversion Investigation Academy at Quantico, Virginia. After completing the academy, Terry returned to Alaska and worked five years on drug diversion cases. He was selected to return to the Drug Enforcement Administration Academy as a counsellor, teaching classes and assisting in the educational process at the academy. After that assignment, Terry returned to Alaska and continued working for the Drug Enforcement Administration for another five years.

During his time with the Anchorage Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration, Terry conducted classes for law enforcement agencies, citizen groups, and professionals in many fields regarding subjects he was involved in.

Terry retired from the Drug Enforcement Administration and founded his own company which provides presentations on drug issues, consulting services, investigative services and threat analysis service to clients. Terry’s company has clients in Alaska, many other US states, England, and South America.



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