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Conference 201: The Conference Is Over, Now What?

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Devan Baker |  Craig Henry |  Marella Yates |  Joseph Mathews
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If you’re new to AAOE, new to attending conferences, or just aren’t sure where to start, this is the on-demand session for you! In Conference 201, AAOE volunteers and experienced conference attendees share their insider tips for taking what you learned at the conference and implementing it back in your office. 


Watch the full video or watch shorter clips broken out by specific topic:

  • Implementing your conference takeaways
  • Getting buy-in from physicians and staff
  • Staying contact with peer connections
  • Following up with exhibitors


Want tips for preparing for the conference before you arrive onsite? Check out Conference 101, available on-demand now!



Devan Baker's Profile

Devan Baker Related seminars and products: 1

MBA, ATC, Administrator

Proliance Surgeons, Inc.

Devan Baker is the Administrator for OPA Ortho A Division of Proliance Surgeons in Seattle, WA. Baker started at OPA Ortho nine years ago as an ATC for an orthopaedic surgeon. He began in practice management four years ago and completed his MBA two years ago. OPA Ortho has 24 surgeons and four non-operative physicians along with MRI, DME, and an ASC. Baker enjoys the collaboration and education the AAOE has provided and has severed on the Annual Conference Committee for the last two years. He is very excited to be part of the 2019 Annual Conference in Nashville to help celebrate AAOE’s 50th anniversary!  

Craig Henry's Profile

Craig Henry Related seminars and products: 3

MHA, Practice Administrator

Hand Center of Louisiana

Craig Henry, MHA is the Practice Administrator at the Hand Center of Louisiana located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Hand Center is an upper extremity focused practice with a full spectrum of supportive services including diagnostics, imaging, therapy, surgery and medicine sub-specialties of Rheumatology and Neurology. The Center has 5 physicians/surgeons and 10 CHT Therapists and serves as a regional referral center for the Gulf South. Craig has been the Practice Administrator for the past 20 years and before that he had management experience in the corporate setting with Ochsner Health System; in the private practice setting with the Eyecare Associates network; and in the public health setting with Charity Hospital of Louisiana. He received his Master in Health Administration from Tulane University.


He has been a member of AAOE (BONES) since 1997 and has served in leadership and on committees over that time as well as a speaker for Annual Conference. He currently is Chair of the Membership Council and is working with an outstanding group of AAOE members to improve the prospecting of new members and the retention of existing members. 

Marella Yates's Profile

Marella Yates Related seminars and products: 2

MSM, CMPE, Executive Director

Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Owensboro

Marella Yates, MSM, CMPE, is the Executive Director at Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Owensboro.   


Marella has held leadership positions in health care since 2010 and has experience with mergers, contract negotiation, medical practice building and expansion, physician recruiting, human resources, practice strategy, EMR implementation, and operations.  


In addition to her professional responsibilities, Marella is pursuing a doctorate in health administration from the University of Mississippi.  

Joseph Mathews's Profile

Joseph Mathews Related seminars and products: 4

PT, DPT, Practice Administrator

Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Joseph Mathews has served as the Administrator at Advanced Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (AOSM) in Northwest Houston, since 2010. Joseph is a practicing physical therapist who not only serves the needs of his patients, but also serves his employees as the Director of Physical Therapy at AOSM. Joseph has been a member of the Advocacy Council since 2011 and has served on the Planning Committee for the 2015-2018 AAOE Annual Conferences. He is an active member of the T-Bones group and has even helped to develop their current website.


Speaker for Contract Management and Negotiation and Selecting the Right Health Plan for Your Practice.


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