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Linda Talley
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Every day we verbally speak to clients, doctors, and staff, and at the same time we are sending nonverbal messages that either attract them to us or distance them from us. Yes! It is your nonverbal message that the people around you are reading first and are initially responding to. Do you know what nonverbal messages you are sending? Based on her pioneer research in the area of hand gestures, Dr. Linda Talley spells out exactly what you are saying with your hand gestures. In this program, she explains what meaning is created by your specific hand gestures when you are communicating with another. The key question: is it the meaning you want to send?


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Linda Talley, PhD, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), is an international speaker known for her high-energy presentations. Her background includes private practice, university professor, and organizational development consultant. Her programs include stories and insights from her career to bring relevant and pragmatic examples to her audiences. Talley provides insights into human dynamics and leadership effectiveness in a humorous, motivating, and engaging manner and provides specific strategies and tactics that can be implemented immediately. She holds in PhD in psychology and is an ongoing researcher in the area of leadership development and nonverbal communication and is published in scientific journals. 


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