How Your Front Desk Staff Can Boost Your Time of Service Collections and RCM with Accountability and Confidence!

First impressions are made within seconds. Visits most typically begin with and are completed with your receptionist. It's essential that this role is valued, supported, and empowered to perform maximized time of service collections. Receptionists are your frontline staff members and have a substantial impact on getting payments! Learn key numbers to track and benchmark, as well as specific techniques that help resolve back-to-front issues. Attend this session to discuss best practices and real life success stories that can greatly improve your revenue cycle at the front desk.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Design a plan for your specific practice to improve front desk time of service collections.
  2. Discuss approaches and options that ensure more predictable and accelerated collections, including credit card plans.
  3. Assess approaches that can ensure an engaged supportive billing staff.
  4. Cited examples of proven methods that accelerate and create more predictable revenue.